我们在这里支持你. Our high-touch approach to student success includes a nurturing community and complete support from recruitment to graduation and beyond. 的se resources will help your family make informed decisions as you make plans for your student’s next steps.


A: 的 knowledge and skills acquired by your student during their personalized SMU education experience will produce benefits for a lifetime, 这就是为什么高等教育仍然是一项强劲的投资. And your student will join a global Mustang network that can help them launch or grow a career. We provide many resources to make an SMU education more affordable for all students.

所有申请者都有资格获得一系列择优奖学金.*学生可将优异奖学金与 学术奖学金.
*新加坡管理大学完全不需要考试! High school students can apply for admission and automatically be considered for scholarships without having to submit SAT or ACT scores.

  • 70%的一年级学生获得奖学金和助学金.
  • $164 million-plus in scholarships and/or grants awarded to undergraduate students in 2022.
  • 75%的新大学生毕业时没有债务.
  • 新加坡管理大学在美国大学排名中名列前30名.S. that give merit aid to the largest percentage of first-year students, according to Road2College.com.

应用 for federal student aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 和新大资助的机构奖 CSS文件™. 德州居民但非美国学生.S. citizens may be eligible for state aid and are encouraged to complete the Texas Application for State 金融援助 (TASFA): collegeforalltexans.com. 将填妥的TASFA申请表提交至 fa.verification@masdelure.net.

访问 masdelure.net/financialaid 了解更多关于奖学金和经济援助的信息.


A: Future leaders and change makers choose SMU for its academic rigor in preparation for demanding professions. 我们在达拉斯的强大关系也能转化为现实世界, 通过实习和研究项目进行实践学习. Students graduate with multiple competencies prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist. 达拉斯最好的大学, SMU has earned a reputation for supplying top talent to various companies in the 达拉斯 area and beyond.

  • PayScale将新加坡管理大学列为最具价值大学的前20%.
  • SMU is in the top 20% of schools nationwide in Forbes’ America’s Top Colleges 2022 ranking.
  • College Factual将新大评为最佳教育学士学位学校.
  • 90% of SMU graduates have jobs or are in graduate school six months after graduation.
  • 94% of Cox BBA graduates are off the job market within three months of graduation at a starting salary of $76.7K /年.
  • 90% of applied physiology and sport management graduates enter jobs or graduate school after graduation.
  • SMU ranks among the top 30 universities in the world for alumni employment, 根据世界大学排名中心(2023年).
  • College Factual counts SMU alumni among the highest-paid graduates across a range of fields, including the physical and social sciences; computer and information sciences; the humanities; communication studies; fine and studio arts; the visual and performing arts; and business, 管理与营销.


A: 我们的培养社区关心你的学生作为一个完整的人. Excellent wellness and health resources that are easily accessible to all students help keep them on the path to personal, 学术和职业福祉.

  • Dr. 鲍勃史密斯健康中心 为所有新大学生提供全面的医疗服务, whether they want to get a sore throat checked out or talk to someone about something on their mind.
  • 戴德曼终身运动中心 设有最新的健身和健康设备和课程, 有多种选择来保持健康和减轻压力.
  • 新大餐饮服务 offers myriad food options from all-you-care-to-eat dining halls to fast fare to grab-and-go meals – all of which accommodate most students’ dietary needs and preferences.
  • SMU的 tree-lined campus is located in the residential neighborhood of University Park near the heart of 达拉斯. This family-friendly community has amenities to cover your student’s basic needs and more. 在达拉斯,你的学生可以 离开去探索 outstanding arts and cultural facilities, bike-friendly recreation spaces and great food.
  • 新大警务处, 我们自己的校内24小时警察队伍, 与达拉斯警察局密切合作, 大学公园和高地公园,以促进校园安全.
  • 我们充满活力, 欢迎社区努力创造, 支持和颂扬思想的丰富多样性, 背景和身份. 我们是 一个校园里有很多声音 – Mustangs are of all races, ethnicities and religions, and they come from around the world.


Q: What resources are available to help my student be successful at school?
A: Everything we do centers on helping your student succeed in and out of the classroom, which is why we provide tools to help them to take advantage of the resources and benefits SMU offers so they can get the most from their college experience. SMU encourages students to stretch themselves academically and personally and infuses the appropriate support to help them succeed at every level of the undergraduate curriculum.

  • 阿特舒勒学习增强中心 provides free tutoring and learning support services to all undergraduate students.
  • 驻院教员 住在 住宅共用 to provide academic support and programming in SMU的 residential communities.
  • 学术顾问 work with students to develop individual degree plans that are driven by each student’s unique educational interests and goals.
  • 海吉家庭职业发展中心 assists students with career counseling and connects them with top employers for pursuing internships or landing a job.
  • 的 国际学生和学者服务 (ISSS) office helps international students adjust to college life at SMU and in 达拉斯. 寻找即时的朋友和有用的支持, 参加选择性实习训练(OPT), 课程实践训练(CPT), 领导力发展项目, 导师计划, 有趣的社交活动和达拉斯-沃斯堡的短途旅行.
  • 新加坡管理大学是 八个图书馆 支持学术、创新和研究活动. 星巴克咖啡店, 大屏幕电视和舒适的座椅, Fondren Library Center Collaborative Commons对学生来说是一块磁铁.


Q: How can I share in my student’s college experience while also supporting their new independence?
A: You’ve done a great job helping your student come this far – they couldn’t have done it without you. 我们欢迎并鼓励您加入我们的社区!

  • SMU的 家长及家庭计划 办公室认为您是学生成功的宝贵合作伙伴.
  • Once your child becomes a college student, we recommend seeing how they’re doing by attending 家庭周末 秋天和春天的创始人日周末.
  • 的 新大父母俱乐部 会帮助你与全校的活动保持联系吗.
  • 新大警务处 邮报在其网站上报道校园犯罪活动.



问你的 新大招生顾问 anything about SMU, the college search and admission process, or the city of 达拉斯.

  • 访问SMU 亲自或虚拟! 我们知道你会喜欢我们美丽的234英亩绿树成荫的校园.
  • Prospective students can learn more about the Hilltop by attending one of our 承认事件. Admitted students will be emailed information regarding admitted student events.

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